View Full Version : need help with port tuning..

05-10-2005, 12:35 PM
i'm going to be building a ported box to go behind the seat of a 92 chevy pickup... i'm going to put the subs on the passenger side and then fire the slot port at the driver's side wall measurements are 55" wide 25.5" tall and 8.5" deep on bottom and 4.5" deep on top if i use 3/4 that comes out to 4.27257 cubes the subs are kicker cvr's and need 3.5 atleast so i should be right at perfect... anyways... how much sq" of port will i need so i don't get a crap load of port noise.. i was thinking 3"x 20" thats 60 sq"" of port how long will i need to make it to tune to 35hz...

05-10-2005, 12:50 PM
23" long