View Full Version : Is refurbishing speakers a bad idea?

05-10-2005, 12:38 AM
I have some Boston Pro 4" midrange speakers that i want to use in a 3-way set. They still sound great, but the foam surrounds are tearing a bit. Is it a bad idea to replace the surrounds? They are wonderful speakers...

Or would it just be a better idea to buy something new?

05-10-2005, 01:14 AM
I'd go for it. I've used refurbished subs and I can't tell they aren't brand new. I'm getting ready to use refurbished amps, which are like new in almost every way.

05-10-2005, 02:09 AM
you sure they recone them? most companies do not recone mids only subs. I know Pioneer wouldn't recone my PRS mids :( Those were HARD to get too

05-10-2005, 02:11 AM
Would they really need a recone if they sound perfect? I mean they sound find, but the surrounds are tearing. I was thinking of just getting new foam surrounds...I mean they can be had for like $25.

05-10-2005, 03:03 AM
yeah you don't want to just replace the surround, i mean you could but its ghetto.

05-10-2005, 03:11 AM
Yes the speakers need a re-cone if they are coming apart at the surround. Call Boston and tell them your situation.

05-10-2005, 05:37 AM
sounds like it might be costly and almost just worth it to get a new pair of 4" midrange speakers.

Any suggestions for what kind?