View Full Version : help with alpine 9855

05-01-2005, 12:47 AM
hi everyone, i need help as you can see i have and alpine 9855 headunit installed in a jetta a4 with a 2 way focal set at front and in the back just the original speakers wired them to the headunit and the one in the front two the mtx amp 1004 and i also have alpine sub wire to the mtx 1501 d amp.
i install the stereo with the original wires of my car.
the problems i have are first of all when i'm listening a cd without the engine start it sonds great all 9 speakrers work great but when i start the engine , when i turn the key the stereo turns off the front speakers leaving the back ones on just until the engine start like for 2 secs. i think thats not the usual way to do that ??

and the other question is as you know this stereos as many others have a little fan in the back but it sound two much is that normal do you have to listen that, because i used two have an 9835 and i remember i didnīt hear that noise obviously when evrything is quiet are this new gen of headunits have this noise ??

please help.

05-01-2005, 01:31 AM
Check all your wiring again. Dont know what to tell you about the noise from the fan.