View Full Version : Regular cab console ideas

Johnny Drama
04-04-2005, 03:40 PM
Steve got me interested in the idea of building a console that I could put a decent SQ sub in. My thoughts were to have something like this,

http://images5.theimagehosting.com/box.1.jpeg (http://www.theimagehosting.com/)

Box will be fabric matched and coushioned <SP

bolt to surrent center seat/console location, have brackets that fit stock storage box on it. Each end of the box will extend behind each seat for added volume, passenger side extention will be the port.


Plastic or vinal covered glassing to look similar to the current console on the LS & LT extended cab with basically the same layout.


Buy an existing color matched console and modify it to incorporate the box design.

Ideas and suggestions definatly welcome. I will make a better version when I get home using photoshop

Johnny Drama
04-04-2005, 04:42 PM
Same topic, more info on it. Req get over there and give me some glassing ideas!!!!!!!!!!!