View Full Version : New box design for 4 12"s *some pics*

04-03-2005, 12:08 AM
Edit, I thought the box dimensions were listed but I guess not:

External Dimensions:
16in x 38in x 26in

Internal Dimensions:
14.5in x 36.5in 24.5in

Vent shape = rectangle
Vent ends = one flush
Hv = 7 in
Wv = 7 in
Lv = 28 in

The thickness/type of the wood is .75" MDF
Driver Properties
Name: SWR-1241D
Type: Standard one-way driver
Company: Alpine
Comment: Type-R series
No. of Drivers = 4
Mounting = Standard
Wiring = Parallel
Dual voice coils = parallel
Fs = 28 Hz
Qms = 8.31
Vas = 58 liters
Xmax = 13.87 mm
Sd = 467.6 sq.cm
Qes = 0.45
Re = 1.8 ohms
Le = 0.67 mH
Z = 2 ohms
Pe = 300 watts
Box Properties
Type: Vented Box
Shape: Prism, square
Vb = 6.032 cu.ft
Fb = 25.92 Hz
QL = 6.536
F3 = 32.82 Hz
Fill = none
No. of Vents = 1
Vent shape = rectangle
Vent ends = one flush
Hv = 7 in
Wv = 7 in
Lv = 28 in

26in x 38in
^ this is the setup I'm thinking about doing, the vent is 7x7x28 which is the black area in the middle of the picture, the lines around the outside is the other pieces of wood, then the top part is where the subs are going to be mounted which is 38x26, each square is 1 inch.
Very old layout ^, the subs were mounted against each other in an isobaric setup, changed since then, but still needed a new box. The boxes in that picture were my first boxes built.

04-03-2005, 12:16 AM
I might have to put a brace in the middle of the subs at an angle, probaly will do with some spare wood, then maybe add some polyfill to get more space out of the box.

04-03-2005, 11:16 PM
Tried a test fit using a cardboard box...the cardboard isn't shaped like a box anymore -.-.

Took off 2 inches on top, and 2 inches length wise, and added an inch width wise.

14" x 36" x 27", I took a bunch of pics of the progress so far, I will make a project log. *soon*