View Full Version : Alpine Cda-9855

03-27-2005, 04:38 AM
This may not be as in-depth a review as others more knowledgeable than I could give. Be that as it may I'm going to touch on a few things but will add more later as I get more comfotable with the settings and learn more what this deck can do.

Out the door installed with taxes it cost me $439 and had it done this morning.. Could have gotten it cheaper maybe somewhere else with me installing it but then again it's brand new and from what I've read isn't supposed to be available until April something, besides ask me anything about structural pest control and I can quote chapter and verse but let me near anything electronic and I'll end up killing it. Seems to be a great unit so far and other than the basic features some of the features I'm learning about while playing with it are really nice. The touch strip is a nice feature but there is a learning curve to it and part of it is the menu button is your friend (need to hold it 2 seconds to enter modes and return to normal mode). Once I figured it out it wasn't that hard to navigate and access most of the features of the deck. There are like 3 different EQ's on this deck factory mode, 5 band para, and a 7 band graphic and the ability to store personal settings for the 5 and 7 band. Something else I found interesting is I can set the input of my amp ( ALPINE MRV-F545) from the headunit. After reading the manual I saw where the headunit will show amp temp, voltage, and fan status on the display. I played with the Max Tune Pro feature and noticed a big difference between the 3 modes. I tried out the MP3 mode and play times wasn't bad. I haven't gotten to setting the crossovers and slopes yet but will be doing that tomorrow.

There are a ton of features that I haven't even gotten to but as I do I'll update in this thread. Better yet if anyone else gets this unit it'd be great if they posted in this review thread for the benefit of others. Like I said I'm not as proficient in the hobby as others or aware of all the things that go with making a good review.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase and this is my 3rd Alpine and this is way ahead of the 7995 I just got rid of.