View Full Version : Question regarding my pioneer P8mP

03-18-2005, 08:12 PM

i got this problem. i put in my pioneer p8mp 3 days ago. and i love it and works wonders. now i changed my rear speakers from factory to Diamond Audio CM361 for rear fill and the sound difference was very noticable especially cuz i had blown rear speakers :crazy: too much power rated @ 8W :laugh: . OK so when i went to go put front speakers (right door) i found that it didnt fit so gon do custom mounts, etc to make 'em fit so til today i had no speakers in there running on 3.
today i had time to put 'em in and mounted them. (diamond Audio D661S) tweeter n x-overs are not installed.

so now thats its installed works fine @ low- not even medium volume. but after that each time theres a bass drop the lights on the HU dims. as i go higher it HU nearly dies and starts skipping and lights almost goes out.

could it be that my mid/high end speakers are too strong for the HU and trying to pull too much power that the HU can pump out? in book says 20-170w RMS for fronts and 20-120W RMS for rear speakers.

I've never seen this b4 but than again in previous car i had sony 70 dollar 3-way speakers vs diamond audio 220 dollar mid bass driver w/ tweets n x-overs thats not even installed yet

I didnt even plan on buyin' amps anytime soon :crying: :crying:

does it mean that i have to buy an amp just to run my new speakers?