View Full Version : ANeonRider...TRUE CLASS!

03-16-2005, 03:29 PM
I purchased a new Adire Audio Koda 10 off of ANeonRider...he sent the sub while the money order was still in transit; I sent him US Postal money order instead of a Canadian one (stupid me :( )

All in all, it took about 1 month to get him the right MO between sending the old one back and the new one out. It was also delayed few days on my behlaf since I was working 12 hour shifts and could not get to the post office. In spite of all this, Neon was VERY patient and understanding.

All in all, I give Neon 5 out of 5 stars...a true gentleman throughout the entire fiasco. I would highly recommend purchasing from Neon in the future. :p:

03-16-2005, 05:36 PM
Thanks for the good feedback. Even with all of the honest mistakes, it was a dream dealing with Metal Maxima. Nice to know you can trust someone on the internet.