View Full Version : Anyone in Balt/DC area install and build boxes?

03-10-2005, 04:11 PM
I am looking for someone in my area to help me(show me) how to install my subs and help(show) me how to build a box. I don't have the tools or work place to do this myself. If you could tell me what it will cost or what you will charge to help me install a pair of Koda 10's ina sealed box with a JL 500/1 and how much for the box, wiring, everything basically etc...... Please just include price for box, install, wiring, labor. I will have the subs and amp. Thanks in advance. This is just a feeler at this point.

Kali :crap:

03-10-2005, 06:36 PM
Just incase you didn't look at my sig. this will be going in a 04' Grand Cherokee.


03-10-2005, 07:12 PM
I wish I lived by you. I would tell you to hike your *** over here, and build you a box, and let YOU put it together. Let you do most of the install with some guidance.

03-11-2005, 08:09 AM
I appreciate that. I wish you were closer as well!! Thanks!