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03-09-2005, 09:13 PM
Iím posting this as a help guide for any of you who may want to try entering cars shows for the 1st time.

If any of you other car show veterans have any other tips to add to this thread feel free to do so the more we can help the better!

1. Clean and detail any and every part of your car cleanliness is the biggest thing at shows. (No trash, leaves or pine needles in the wiper cowl area, paper, trash on the floor from the value meal you ate on the way to the show).

2. Car shows have two audiences
A. The judge(s) for a while looking at and scoring your car, tell them about your car, anything to help them understand the carís history, daily driven, custom mods, if you do the mods your self, etc, etc.
B. Then there are people who come to the show the ďcrowdsĒ of people. To recognize your car and work, take pictures, ask questions, shake hands, or they have a car like yours and want to know how to mod their car the same or information on it.

3. Show your entire car, open up the hood, doors and trunk.

4. Having a mod sheet and car stats is good to have I make one for each show and is it up to date w/what I have I the car at the moment and I use some picture frames and set in front of my car.

5. Put a super thin coat of armoral on the side wall and the tire tread so the tires are nice and black and shiny. (I also spray Armoral up in the fender wells for a nice black look).

6. Take a cleaning supply bag w/any cleaning stuff in it so when you get to the show you have stuff do any last minute wiping down or cleaning.

7. Let your seats back and have them even both driver and passenger. Turn your steering wheel straight.

8. Watch for kids and people wanting to touch and sit in your car.

9. Be polite as possible about questions and be as knowledgeable about your car because you never know what questions you might get asked.

10. Pick a good parking spot and park straight, watch for trees, ant beds etc, etc.

11. Pre-Register if possible so when you get to the show it will be easier and faster to get in and get setup.

12. Try to get to the show early to get a good parking spot and setup.

13. Your ride only can be or look itís best for that show date if you show off your rides full potential.

14. Whatever your carís highlights are show them (engine, interior, custom trunk, air bags, paint, etc, etc,(mine is my audio/video setup I play movies all day at shows)

15. Also if you are unsure about your car just go to a show just for the experience and just look around to see what itís like. You never know unless you try.

16. Win Or Lose keep a good attitude about the experience.

17. Have fun, at the end of the day win or lose, all the hand shakes, mad props, and pictures taken of you ride and the respect youíve gained is worth more than a trophy all of my trophies are on a trophy case collecting dust (my kids play w/some of them) but my day to day dealings with people is what counts, I keep my attitude humble and I take it all in stride! When you got to a show and see a very nice ride then meet the owner and he/she is rude, or ďoverĒ confident about their ride it changes your attitude about the car, on the other hand if you see a very nice ride and the owner is humble and down to earth and calm about answering questions you like and respect the car and the owner even more. I try to be the nice guy w/the nice ride.

18. Walk around the car to check every angle to make sure it looks good from all angles.

I have been showing my Maxima for 5 years and I have over 40 Trophies for my efforts.
(Iím thinking about retiring my Maxima and buying a 99-04 Black Ford Mustang Gt, I sent off my last Maxima payment today woo hoo!).

03-09-2005, 09:18 PM
good tips... one day i hope to put my car in car show but still want mod more things b4 i do

03-09-2005, 09:26 PM
good tips, and nicer car

03-09-2005, 10:46 PM
any specific "must have" mods that you would recommend for a modder looking to put their truck in a show?

03-10-2005, 05:42 AM
any specific "must have" mods that you would recommend for a modder looking to put their truck in a show?

nothing specific just try to have a little done to all areas of the vehicle.....engine (intake, polished parts, chromed, battery, some color), trunk/hatch area (nice sub/amp setup even simple but neat and tidy, maybe some tv's) interior (dash, floor, seats, pedals, shift knob, exterior (rims, paint job, lights,) overall unique and super clean.... :cool:

03-10-2005, 05:57 PM
I agree with the posted....

I too have won many shows and the above tips do help...

Also, pay attention to all the classes and see which you fit in, you may do better ni one than another... ASk the judges if you don't know what class you should be in, its better than being in the wrong class... Some judges are strict on that and make a mental note that may cost you a point or two...

Even though you drive your car alot, Make sure your engine compartment and undercarrage is as spotless as possible even if its stock or not that custom in those areas.... I have a 5K dollar paintjob and a custom hood covering my stock engine, but the judges still want to see how clean it is under there...

3 out of 5 points for a stock engine is better than 0 outta 5 for them not being able to see it.... I usually keep it only slightly propped or closed, but then open it for them when they come around...

I try to be there to greet them and answer as many questions as they might have...

Most of the judges that I have ran into are older guys and care more about cleanliness and detail, than neons, strobes, Big audio systems, TVs and other flashy gimmiky crap...

The flashy blingy stuff is for the cruise strip and showing off on car cruises and other events...

I'm really Glad to see someone posting about Showing... I have a great time doing it and have meet a lot of new friends on the show scene... I even know a few judges by name now..

Lastly, if your kinda new to this and don't win... Don''t get mad... and don't be afraid to Politleyask the judges or other people winning in your class what they think your scored low on and could improve upon.... You would be supprised how a few little things can make a difference...