View Full Version : Factory Head Unit -> two amps

03-09-2005, 03:43 PM
04 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab
Factory Head
JL 300/4 -> JL xr650csi + rear fill?
JL 250/1 -> JL 10W3V2-4Ω
(I know, I know.. JL poster boy)

I'll have the factory head unit speaker level out to these amps. I'll solder some RCA's to the factory speaker outs because the JL's can take high or low level inputs but require an RCA connection. The front speakers will go directly to the 300/4. The rear speaker outs will goto the 250/1 then out to the 300/4. The 250/1 does not require a remote turn on because it senses the speaker level coming in and turns on with that. Once that happens, the 250/1's remote turn on can be used to turn on the 300/4.

I do not have these amps as of yet. I am just planning the installation. Maybe overplanning.

My questions are these... Can you see any problems with the above? What would be the prefered method while retaining the factory head unit? Will it be ok to split the rear speaker wires to run to the 250/1 and to the rear speakers for the time being until I get the 300/4?