View Full Version : Pioneer 6700....two thumbs up!!

03-09-2005, 02:00 PM
I just replaced my old Alpine for a more current HU. I decided on the Pioneer 6700 from Crutchfield. The HU is awesome!!! I got this unit becasue of the price/feature and the ease of use to hook up my iPod. Just added a $30 plug and I was ready to go. Not the $100 for the Alpine iPod adaptor. I can't scroll the iPod folders from the HU but I did not want too... I just use the iPod to make my selections.. real easy. The display is really nice (like 9 display options) and I now have the ability to control my old Bazooka bass tube that did not have remote access previous. Now I can control everything from my HU. The power this thing puts out is amazing... seems like twice as loud as my old Alpine. It was $220 from Crutchfiled... but they can be found for like $180 other places. I did find the car kit from Crutchfield to be quite flimsy compared to the older ones... the plastic they use is too plyable. I may swap it out for the one my Alpine was in..

The Pioneer 6700 is a great HU for the price (so far) ... I recommend picking one up.