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03-08-2005, 02:21 AM
The hard drive tour iasca regional tke events are cancelled due to the promoters. God **** promoters. This *****!!! :crap: :uhoh: :uhoh:

03-08-2005, 07:38 PM
that *****

03-08-2005, 07:44 PM
do u kno why they backed out?????

03-08-2005, 08:47 PM
do u kno why they backed out?????

From: Paul Papadeas, President

Well fellas and gals, it’s happened again; our TKE event schedule has
been affected by the producers of partnered events. Publishing giant
PRIMEDIA (Car Audio& Electronics Magazine amongst others) has announced
yet another cancellation of 10 events, in the series called the Hard
Drive Tour. After a number of our IASCA soundoffs were cancelled last year
by smaller promotional companies, Extreme Autofest and Import Life,
IASCA felt it was a tremendous advantage to our competitor base to involve
ourselves with a company the size of PRIMEDIA whose primary business is
selling advertising to our industry’s manufacturers.

We labored under the assumption and felt confident that this colossal
publishing company had the ability to produce and promote a tour the
size of what the Hard Drive would have been. ESI (Event Solutions
International) producers of over 2000 nationals events a year with OEM clients
the likes of Dodge and Volkswagen, was the production company
contracted by PRIMEDIA. It is incredible that PRIMEDIA cancelled the first two
shows only a few short days before the first event and then canned the
entire tour only days before the “would-be” third event. They too are
extremely disadvantaged by this movement and certainly not responsible in
any way for this action. I may add that ESI have been nothing but
professional in this enormous upheaval. The NCCA (Car Show people) and IASCA
were contracted by ESI to produce their segments of the show. Both
companies and their members remain affected by this cancellation having
made preparations for travel, judges and such.

In this era of weakened support for soundoffs from our industry’s
manufacturers, it was and still is, necessary to partner with other shows to
provide our competitors with national competitions. Unless sponsors
step up to provide these venues, it is impossible to produce the budget to
do so; entry fees can only go so far.

I realize this comes as a huge surprise and inconvenience to our member
base who were counting on these events to qualify for finals
participation. Rest assured that we will support our members in every way we can
to ensure that their desire to attend finals competition are met.

IASCA is diligently seeking alternatives to replace the now cancelled
PRIMEDIA Hard Drive Series.

THIS ***** :crying: :crying: :furious: :crap: