View Full Version : Eclipse 5605 -- opinions???

03-04-2005, 12:44 PM
i happened to pick one up from a local shop the other day. got it VERY cheap (considering they retailed for $750)

this deck is BRAND new. was kept in a display case for 3 years, never hooked up (i have original brain and harnesses in plastic still).

im debating if i want to keep it or not. i went in with every expectation of ordering an 8053 and Eclipses 30band EQ...but he offered me a **** good deal ($500 for both). now, i know this was am AMAZING deck for quite a long time, and there isnt much else for options for an indash, single-din, 6cd changer....but i've read of a few issues with these decks, mostly broken internal cd trays. it seems either the trays inside break, it jams (cd's load rather slow), or its a pain in the *** to see the display in any sort of direct sunlight

can anyone offer me some feedback on this??? i'm thinkin i'm going to just bring it back on monday (my next day off) and just pay the difference and order my 8053.

03-04-2005, 01:03 PM
get the 8053.....trouble free deck

03-04-2005, 01:16 PM
^^ any experience with the deck? i'm kinda lookin for some first hand experience, not sure if i'll get it though. i've searched up on it, only 1 or 2 people on these boards had this deck at one point in time.

03-04-2005, 01:48 PM
i have the 8443 and i love it, and from what i understand it is vbery similar to 8053, i find cool new options everyday, increbile at doing its job too, now if i can just get the command unit or an ipod! :D

03-05-2005, 03:39 PM
The indash 6 disc is one cool cd player. While I have sold only 2 of them in the years that we carried the line (due to a high price point only) they both have worked great for the customers. If the unit is new and has a 3 year warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer, go for it. If the unit does fail and cannot be fixed, Eclipse will replace it with something comparable. Weigh the options. 3 cd's and 5 volts vs. 1 cd and 8volts + some great bells and whistles. Unit fails and you are into a 5 volt with MP3 and bells and whisltes vs. the 8 volt with no MP3 + bells and whistles. Tough call dude.