View Full Version : OK...problem rca's? Headunit?? HELP!

02-24-2005, 07:12 PM
OK guys, let me start out by saying, I had my sub hooked up to the factory sound system in my bmw. i ran a line out converter off of the back speakers..Hooked everything up..has been fine for months! Really loud too! Today i got my dash kit and everything and decided to hook up my old pioneer premier deh440. It about 2-3 years old. when i took it out of my truck a few months ago it performed fine. I ran my RCAs and everything and went to hook them up to my amp, and nothing...well there was something but it barely moved the cone. Mind it everything was working before. I tried the second set of RCAS i ran for my soon to me front stage....still nothing...i mean i had to turn up the gain all the way(from bare minimum setting before) to barely get the woofer to move. I tried hooking the sub up to my second amp i had..a 600.2 more powerful than the 360.2 and still nothing. But i can hook back up to my line out converter and the sub beats back to normal..rediculasly loud! Is my head unit shot? Both Rcas just bad? Oh and i had a different set of rcas from the line out converter than the other two i ran... Is there a way to check voltage on the rcas? I have a volt meter.. Someone help i got some rainbows coming and i need to make sure everything is fine before i install them!!!

02-24-2005, 10:18 PM
anyone?? squek? u usually know a lot of answers... uuhhh this is frustrating!