View Full Version : DVD - Alpine vs Pioneer

02-24-2005, 09:27 AM
ok before everyone jumps down my throat, yes, i have used the search feature and i have done it quite a bit but still cant really find the answer im looking for. What im wondering about is has anyone personally dealt with both the IVA-D300 and the AVH-P7500dvd? Ive been able to play with teh IVA-D300 and liked the features, especially the pulse-touch screen on the alpine and the 5v pre-outs on the pioneer, but i cant find any local dealers who have the AVH-P7500dvd demoed so i can check it out.
with price NOT being the deciding factor, which one is better overall in your opinion? which has the better screen, more features, background movies, ease of installation? maybe someone has a link to a thread/site that has a head to head review of them?