View Full Version : kicker mids?

02-23-2005, 01:31 PM
well i found out my kodas are just gonna be too big to fit in my door, and i don't plan on keeping this car for a long time so i don't want to modify my door panel. this all has to do with kicker mids because i wanted to find some mids with shallow mounting depth, 2.5" or less. i saw that the kicker ssmb6's having a mounting depth of only 2". i'm looking for something that can work well in a well deadened door, 60 watts rms, and can play down to 80 hz. with no problem. these are gonna be dedicated midbass speakers and don't need them to play upper frequencies. i plan to bandpass them at 80 hz. to about 500 hz. or so. my budget is $200 or less so do you think these speakers will do? or are there others that will do better for the same price range?