View Full Version : JL XR's?

02-22-2005, 07:06 PM
I was really planning on getting the eDi 6500's and a nine.2 but they raised their prices and this package deal is now 450. I have been looking around a little bit for some other speakers that are a little less. I came across the jl XR's and even heard them at a local shop. I thought they sounded pretty good but I only got to hear them for a few minutes. BTW, I can get the XR's for 150 and then I am going to need an amp. I can get the jl 300/2 for 299 but I am not sure if I want to dish out that much for an amp and may just get a nine.2 to match my nine.1. What have you guys heard about the jl XR's? Also, I can probably get the jl ZR's for about 350 or so and I was wondering if anyone has heard thos yet or thinks they are worth the upgrade over the xr's. Thanks.

02-23-2005, 01:36 PM
After hearing MB quart, JL XRs, CDT EFs and classics, DLSs and Diamonds, the JLs would go above the MB and Diamonds, but below any DLS or CDT speakers.

You can get CDT classics for $150 that I think sound much better than the XRs. For $200 you can get CFEFis that blow the XRs away.

But thats just my opinion from listening to them.