View Full Version : putting 150watts to stock speakers?

02-21-2005, 10:51 AM
Hey guys hows it goin? I just got my xta600.2 amp today but my problem is i dont have and good speakers up front..just my stock ones..there rated at 3 ohms if i believe....what would happen if i hooked up my amp to them? and turned the gain to the lowest setting? will it blow the crap out of them? start a fire?

02-21-2005, 10:55 AM
hehe.....lots of poppin'

....actually are your stockers might be already amped externally-did u check?

02-21-2005, 12:04 PM
I wouldn't even bother hooking the amp up to the speakers yet. Just wait till you replace them.

I ran ~50w to my factory tweeters (with a 1700hz xover point :evil: ) and one of them didn't live too long :D

02-21-2005, 01:14 PM
lol ya i figured....well yes they are amped but anyways i just put my amp in its place and am waiting to get some new speakers...uhh **** it i cant wait any longer!

02-21-2005, 03:33 PM
i ran some sony xploads 6.5 off my 4ch feeding them appros ~60w rms, with the gain ALL the way down and all the settings down and i killed the tweets on the right one then the left one shortly after that lol n there rated at 30w rms so ur stock will go boooooom instantly lol