View Full Version : H/U ground help

02-18-2005, 11:01 PM
alright, went to install my pioneer 860 tonight, took out the old pioneer, went to put it in, exactly how the old one had been hooked up, and this on has some pretty bad static throughout subs and my comps, so i turn down the gains to zero on everything, the noise is gone from the subs, but still in the comps....i checked to see if it increases w/ the h/u's volume, it doesn't, i've messed w/ my RCA's (but haven't tried different ones yet...tha'ts tomorrow morning) i've tried grounding the thing in about 10 different spots, and once, @ the amps ground distro block, i lost all the noise, then when i actually ran the wire and got there, it was back when i turned it back on ???????? i've also checked the comps amp ground

also, the noise is very quiet when i have just the radio on, medium when i turn on all the cars electronics, and pretty loud when i turn it on, it also increases when i push on the gas

any help would be greatly appreciated

02-19-2005, 02:50 PM
tried my 9827 this morning and it works fine, so i'm lost here, any suggestions???