View Full Version : Alpine 9851 or 9830?

01-30-2005, 09:22 PM
Currently I have the Alpine 9825 which is a pretty basic and simple HU. I am currently looking for an upgrade though as I have seen the 2005 Alpine models :eek: . I was originally only looking at 05 models but am now considering last years 9830 as a possible choice, as it is in my price range. Which between the 9851 and the 9830 would be best for an upgrade? Looking at the 9851 it looks like I will get a crossover, the ability to play mp3s, and a few other features while looking at the 9830 it looks like I will get time alignment, 4 band equalizer, crossover, and a few other features. I am currently not running any of my speakers off an amplifier. Thank you all for any help you all provide.