View Full Version : Alpine Headunit explosion

01-16-2005, 05:15 PM
Hey...I own the blue alpine headunit that retails for 260.00 i cant remember the exact model name but anyway i was on the freeway the other day and i slowed down for traffic while my music was playing, and i hear a crackle noise then a pop....it smells like burning plastic and i see smoke come out from my dash. my headunit looks to be fried. it will still power on and infact you can still hear some sound from the speakers if u crank it all the way up but its very very very low and almost unrecognizable. ive talked to a few people and they think it may be the internal amp of the headunit. Any ideas? suggestions? is this covered by my alpine warranty? Also, whats the easiest way to pop those babies out of the dash? Thanks