View Full Version : Knu Konceptz Karma Cable

01-13-2005, 05:06 PM
well, i got sick of my line convertor (i either had the right or left channel working, never both) and decided to invest in a RCA cable. What caught my eye was this product:


The KnuKonceptz Karma Kable 6m (a bit over 19 feet).

i gotta admit, this RCA cable was made much better then my cousins Monster Cable RCA line. His was already began to havea weird green discoloration in the wire after a month. After looking at my wire he ordered the same pair as i got, lol.

Hmm, when speaking of quality, the RCA's have sleeves at the end or each line, this acts a extra skin of protection as the ends of the line are more prone to bending and moving around and eventually break off. The lines inside the cable are twisted to add more protection. We all know that rope that is twisted will have more strength than say twine because of the opposite forces being acted against it. But by all means I do not think it is necessary when dealing with car audio. I think it's just for the looks :) I don;t think a heavy duty cable like this is necessary for mobile audio but hey who cares, for the price it was well worth it. compared to the pic they show on the site, it is dead on except the cables inside are twisted more tighly than on the pic of their site, but that should not cause any problems.

The outside of the cable is completely clear and the cable lines that are twisted inside compose of a clear cable (left channel) and clear blue (right channel).


http://www.knukonceptz.com/productDetail.cfm?prodID=KAR2-6M if you wanna order them