View Full Version : Tuning it looooow (Check my box!)

01-06-2005, 10:45 PM
Besides the box Jmac is designing for me, I'm also going to modifiy the sealed box my 15s are in. I am making plans to port it. Very, very low. Jmac's will be 34 hz with shared chamberspace; this one is going to be 24hz, seperated chamberspace. I thought about a small port tuned to 5 or 10hz, but if you look at how ported boxes work, it's very impractical.

Now, naturally I don't know the first thing about port length, so I use a calculator (http://www.audiobahninc.com/tech/Calculators/PortLengthCalc.htm).

After doing some math, if I do a roundabout (Contours with the side walls, as opposed to labyrinth style) slot on the bottom instead of the side, I can get away with a 1"x15"(15 sq inches for those not wanting to think) port 30 inches long for that kind of tuning.

2.18 cubes, 1x15x30 inch port, 24hz. How do you think this would sound?

01-07-2005, 10:20 AM
After thinking about it, I know my calcs are off (noone cares =() I have a bit of 3/4 MDF in there taking up space, too.

I know it was stupid to ask how you'd think it would sound, all I want to know is how accurate the tuning is.