View Full Version : like many here.... encloser help :)

01-04-2005, 02:43 AM
well i recently aquired a RE SE10 and as i thought, it's to big to fit behind my seats inside my reg cab dakota without losing a large amount of leg room sooo i decided to give up my center console which holds knife, change, and cd's... and has cup holders... so i'm not losing too much

was just wondering on ya'lls opinion of which box design would be better

this is going inbetween my seats in my truck

in the top box design the sub will point kinda towards the roof/windhshield and will be visible... mounted normally with the motor in the box( i think that it would be pretty neat like this... maybe get some light weight non toxic uv paint and trace over the white design and install a pair of uv lights into my overhead computer though it might be visible from the outside, the interior of my cab is all black except the roof lining, and the box will be covered in black tweed so at night it will be next to impossible to see unless the alarm led lights it up

the bottom design the sub will point towards the back of the cab mounted normally and will not be visible unless you flip the seat forward to actually look at it... this would be a more secure way to have a sub as no one will know it's there unless i have told them or they have heard it

approx dimensions of box 10" wide by 24" long by 6-7.5" tall (depends on the type of design) using 3/4 mdf... will probably assemble with wood glue and seal with liquid nails (already have a tube)

is it all a matter of preference or will there be a performance difference between the 2?

01-04-2005, 04:00 AM
It shouldn't matter which design you go with, both should be fine for sealed or ported, but if its ported just dont make it so the rear of the cone is firing into or is directly in line with the port.

01-04-2005, 04:14 AM
forgot to say i was going sealed... easier for me this way and a little less to worry about. plus i like sq :)

i wasn't sure if having the speaker face the inside of the cab would make a difference in sound compared to facing behind my seats and towards a wall

01-06-2005, 03:44 AM
hmmm, im not really sure because its inside your truck cab pretty close to you anyways, so i dont think it would make much of a difference if any. the only thing i could see happening is that if you faced it backwards like towards the glass or the back of the cab you may gain a little bit of low end. but im not so sure because you are so close to it anyways IMO. i would say just do what you like best.

01-08-2005, 04:11 AM
wellllll things have kind of changed a bit... friend that is going to help me build the box talked to a friend of his that also does audio stuff and are thinkin of doing a slotted ported box

sub will be face down & towards the front of the cab, the port also down but will be behind the seats almost. spacers will be made so that the sub does not hit the floor

will the specs for the 10" sq encloser on RE's website be best for this sub? i definitly can't go any bigger than those specs... 12 between my seats is kind of tight.... but can be done

12.75" tall by 12inch wide and 30inch long 1.25 cuft @30hz
port opening- 10.5" by 2"

9.25" into the box from port and 21.75" to the left after going in

then i assume that the sub opening edge should align with the end of the inner most internal port board( sorry for not knowing the terms... doin the best that i can :) )

for a better pic of all this go to re's site and go to tech/enclosers/single/10"sq and look at it

or if ya'll can recomend some specs that are smaller but better than the 12.75" tall by 12" wide and 30" long