View Full Version : What kind of screws?

12-27-2004, 02:31 PM
I have my box built, now i just need to load my subs. Then i need to get some L brackets and screw my box into my trunk... What kind and what size screws should I get for loading my subs and screwing into the t box and screwing into my trunk floor, my trunk floor is metal.

12-27-2004, 02:33 PM
1 inch drywall screws for loading subs and some .5 inch sheet metal screws for floor--just be aware of whats on other side of trunk floor before drilling. if you got the time energy and room for it just drill some holes and actually use small bolts and put lock washers and nuts on the backside.

12-27-2004, 02:48 PM
Yeah, I would recommend stainless steel hex bolts as recommended above...