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12-23-2004, 03:04 AM
I been looking alot, and can't really find a good place to start. I get all different suggestions: Cdt, Dls, Koda's, Re's, all kind of stuff, and i never heard any because all people around here run with some pioneer junk. So i depend on this forum for my answers. So if anyone can point me in the right direction, I listen to rap only, will be having a 15xxx or a 18 sx, so the comps need 2 keep up. My price limit is about 250-300 max for the comps. I'm doing a poll, but i cant list all the good companies so be easy on me lol. Please help! djdillion said he can hook me up with the Cdt Ef series, msrp is like above 400, and he's gunna give me it brand new w/ warranty for 200 shipped. It has upgrades, like a 1" silk tweet, and the 560 crossovers. But i can spend more than that, and i really want some good comps. SQ>Midbass. Thanks everyone that can help me! Its greatly appreciated, and i apologize if i made a thread that yall see alot, but i really need some opinions. Thanks - icemayne :)

12-23-2004, 07:20 AM
id csx would be nice to. they offer a 2ohm version so you could run a smaller amp. plus they handle 150 watts and have a great dispersion. alot of others would be good but that would be my choice

12-23-2004, 07:39 AM
i second that,

2ohm is such a great thing to have in components and frankly i dont understand why there arent more 2ohm component sets out there. you can usually find a great quality 2ohm 2channel amp that can put out 150~200 watts no problem, but that same amp in 4ohm mode only does 75.

also image dynamcis makes some of the best SQ stuff around. so seriously look into those.

12-23-2004, 08:45 AM
The amp i have is a MA Hk-397, 150rms x 2 @4ohms. How is that cdt comp set i suggested? Are cdt's good? Anything beat it for 200$? msrp is like 440 for it. :*******:

12-23-2004, 11:31 AM
The amp i have is a MA Hk-397, 150rms x 2 @4ohms. How is that cdt comp set i suggested? Are cdt's good? Anything beat it for 200$? msrp is like 440 for it. :*******:
lots can beat it lots can lose to it. what is the criteria for your choice? kick panels? doors? dash? in a kick panel (which is best) the id would kill the cdts. in the doors the cdts should be better (thats what they were designed for off axis dispersion. as far as volume? ill repeat what a cdt guy told me "they arent built to jam or be loud" they are an audiophile speaker built for off axis installations. i used to run the very high end image horns (they cost more than the best speaker set the 3 way eurosports) and he acted like i didnt have a clue. so ill take my 65 sq trophies and consider myself a newb. in your criteria you stated it must keep up with your bass. quite a few people stated here that thats not a cdt strong point. my friend is a dealer in them. for me my tastes now and the vehicle i have cdts would be ok for me but not if you plan on being really loud. the first 2 yrs that the id's came out i had the pleasure of being around them at usac finals. i must say i was rather impressed with them. me being a HORN guy the images played with ALOT of energy. they would and could blow away thier idq subs ,which i know they arent know for being loud but show me a normal speaker that blows away a sub like that volume wise that isnt a horn. the next closest speaker to that would be an mb quart with the xovers tuned high and they wouldnt have the mid bass guts that the images do. i can go on and on about this but its all meaningless until you determin the location of the speakers. whatever you decide to get (with your amp id go the 4 ohm images if you are going kick panels) the only thing you gotta worry about is a quality instal and tune job. with any of these speakers the only down side could be volume if you do it right.

12-23-2004, 11:42 AM
Well my stock door location is a 5.25", so i was going to do kick panels. but i could make the 6.5 fit in the door, thats not a problem, but since i hear kickpanels sound a whole lot better, i figure thats the way to go. If the cdt's wont keep up with loud bass, like rap, then what do you suggest that beats the cdt's along the lines of 250, give or take? Its really hard for me to choose a comps system, cuz i hear good things about a comp system, but then i hear bad things about the same one. People tell me for the price, 200, thats an outstanding deal. But then again, some say there is much better depending on the price. Is 6.5s a must, or should i just put 5.25's in my door, or make the 6.5's fit, or make kicks?

12-23-2004, 01:21 PM
an example if you dont like ebay save up for a couple more weeks and get them from cardomain.com #2 on home page and get a full fledge factory warranty ($70) price difference. if you wanna find out more ask image yourself 310-856-4999
they might lead you into a horn set (cost about 200 more but i doubt you would replace it) the image set gives you a nice co ax option that should improve the install difficulty and or performance too. you can also get the cdt but if you run into the volume thing you will probably lose money trying to resell them and buy something else.

12-23-2004, 01:28 PM
it is a good deal im not argueing that fact, the fact i will argue is it really what you want? email or call the manufactures if you need to ask about the product. if anything they will tell you if they recomend it for your application and when i talked to cdt i wasnt even talking about jamming he thought horns were a joke but after having horns i thing regular speakers are a joke lol. we get all caught up in euro this and that thinking its better. all i can say is with my cd-3s i heard everything in the music i have sold and listened to ALOT of ultra hi end speakers (home and car) and even the "best" have faults so you have to figure what faults you DONT want.

12-23-2004, 02:38 PM
Well heres my plans minus components: A 15"xxx with about 1500rms, 2 Jl 8" w0's running off of a MA Audio Hk-297, and then components, running off of a MA Audio HK-397. I listen to rap only, but since im having the jl's, i dont really need a whole lot of midbass from my comps, correct? Maybe i should go for all out sq and sound reproduction? My idea in the first place was the koda 6.1 for 225, but thats out of the question now, so for 200 i thought the cdt would give me the sq i needed.

12-23-2004, 05:04 PM
nothing wrong with the sound q of the ids either lol if i were you since ur running 8's as misbasses dont waste the money on 6.5" components the 5.25's with do your mid range a lil better