View Full Version : Mr. Loki = A+++

12-20-2004, 02:54 PM
Mr. Loki aka jeremy and i worked on a deal involving my brutus. the plan was 225 bucks shipped to jeremy. communication was effortless even with his work schedule. everytime i emailed i got a response. no beating around the bush, just a straight honest reply. the deal was he sends 100 bucks now for the brutus. then checks out the amp for working order and sends the rest of the money after. well UPS screwed some things up. after jeremy got the amp workin again i offered to take 25 bucks off the price. jeremy sent the next MO and the post office sent it to the wrong address and someone else signed for it. you would think the buyer would say "well i sent the money, now its your problem"...not jeremy. he offered to send another money order which would put him out 300 bucks for the amp. he didnt doubt me for a second and i really respect him for that. anyways the post office will refund his money and the next MO just came in today. overall AWESOME guy to work on a deal with. no problems with him whatsoever...although i cant say the same about the UPS and the post office. once again Jeremy=GREAT BUYER

Mr. Loki
12-20-2004, 10:41 PM
Hey george thanks man and again I appreciate your patience and effort to help. You were great to work with also. If you ever need somthing hit me up.