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12-16-2004, 04:46 PM
Hey y'all I'm new to the forum, after much lurking I decided to sign up. It's a great site and good resource for info. I just purchased a 2000 Honda Accord and I plan on swapping out the current stock stereo. Best bet would probably be to start with the Head Unit I assume?? Based on specs and recommendations around here I have narrowed it down to:

low-end Eclipse (3424 or 3434)
AlpineCDA-9825 thru 9830.

I really only plan on replacing the factory 6 1/2's and 6x9's and pushing them with a good HU. Perhaps adding an amp for those coaxials in the future, or even a single sub/amp combo. Don't really need tons of bells and whistles, i.e. crossovers, XM Satellite, etc. but I would still like something good enough to base my system on and leave room for growth. Any thoughts or suggestions, specs I should pay attention to?? I am also not ruling out Pioneer and Clarion HU's (had one long time ago and it was great). Thanks for any help, keep up the good work!

12-16-2004, 04:49 PM
If you are pushing the speakers with the H/U make sure you get a H/U with an internal amp on it. More than likely most people are going to say the Alpine unit's even though the Eclipse's are also very good units. No matter what you get though you won't be dissatisfied with either brand. Personally I like eclipse decks more, just because they look cooler. just my .02$