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12-11-2004, 07:29 PM
Well guys, I got the amp on thursday, and its now saturday, and have 5+ hours of driving my eD 15ae w\ this amp at 1ohm hard.

Visually the amp is pleasing, super clean. Elegant almost. Its really heavy, much more so than my Brutus was. Its also about an inch longer than the Brutus.

Mounting the amp was simple, the same type of foot mounts that the Brutus uses, which are simple to use. Its not like the Xenon1200.1 I had, where you have to wrestle the wires and rubber cover things... The wires (2gauge) fit in EASILY to the terminals, 0 gauge wouldnt be a feat to stuff in there. It looks perdy all hooked up. I personally liked the dials on the Xenon better, they had little clicks that would tell you EXACTLY what hz you were at, or input voltage etc...the Nine.1 has nicely labeled controls. Its somewhat of an estimation to get it where you want it set though..oh well no biggie. To the more important stuff....Gain was set about 1\4 way, nice. bass boost off

I have been alittle worried, Ive read that its a little rough on the electrical system and my 70 amp alt and old battery would not be up to the challenge. At IDLE w\ HU on but the volume at 0, my xenon was pulling enough current to make me notice alittle dimming in the lights, id rev it alittle and watch them brighten up. The Nine.1 didnt do this. Neat. I turned it up a bit and smiled, its been a month since I have had ANY bass. My ears were back to normal. at about half volume, sitting at idle with my car on and lights on and heater on, NO dimming at all. neat. So off I go to the G|Fs house 45 mins away, I listening to all types of music, Sounds clean, and gets pretty loud. I have the gain at a conservative level, not even close to max. Listening to test tones\bass mekanic was the only time I noticed dimming while sitting still, but on the road I had no dimming no matter what volume I was at. At the end of the drive, I jumped out and had to cope a feel on the amp to see if it was warmed up at all.....IT WAS COLD, not even warm, literally cool to the touch. Its hard to tell which amp is louder, since my ears havent been raped by bass yet, but the Nine.1 is definatly pushing my sub harder than the Xenon, the sub is moving more than Ive ever seen it.

Thats all for now.... Im thinkin about a Nine.2 now for the highs, my kenwood seems to be comming up short now.

02-25-2005, 03:15 AM
I have had the nine.1 for awhile now, Its still amazes me every time I get in my car. It stays super cool, never gets warm, punishes my sub... nine.1 ::thumbs up::

07-11-2005, 10:47 PM
Well after 6 months and some change, the amp stopped working all together, a quick stay at eD, and a week later its back in my car running a 12xxx now. All is well and Im happy with this amp. All I paid was shipping one way, 12.00 or something, nothing for the repair. Thankfully eD stood behind their product and fixed it for free. I think they have good service, even though many have had "bad" experiences in the past with them.