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12-07-2004, 11:19 AM
Hey guys, i am fairly new to car audio.... I am looking to pick up a set of speakers and an amp. It will be running from an alpine 9831 (wich i havn't got yet, but christmas is coming :D).... So I drive a plymouth voyager... van... se... the stock location for speakers is up in the dash, i believe they are 5.25 ... I was told my best bet would be to cut holes in the doors for some 6.5's with 4 inch an tweater in the dash... but i can afford something so intricate just yet... i am a student.

So my question to you is, should I put a pair of 5.25 components in the dash, or cut a hole in the door and learn to fiberglass (wich i don't mind doing, but i think legs would get in the way anyways, ... and it wouldn't sound good... maybe if it was only the lows... but i needs mids coming from there. Oh, and there is not enough foot room for kicks. I am looking into JL nr, and xr series (xr is a little to expensive for me) ... and i dream about the focal polyglass series, but again to expensive... i have expensive tastes :D .... maybe some alpine type r's are what a student needs. I am planning on picking up a tempest or two a month or two after i get the speakers, but i will need some cash. So suggestions for location.. or affordable speakers i should try to listen too.

My budget is about 200 i guess... i live in canada, and the exchange is desent right now... but no more than 200 definitly, i would rather spend much less now... and upgradel later

thanks for your help

p.s. i like hip hop, and rap... but also listen to country along with my family, and rock... so i need something with nice vocals

12-07-2004, 08:10 PM
Courtesy of Crutchfield.com

Component Speakers

Dash 5 1/4" Component 2 models
4" Component 2 models

Mid Panel 6"x9" Component 2 models
6 1/2" Component 11 models
5 1/4" Component 14 models

12-08-2004, 10:51 AM
there are no places in my door to mounth them, maybe on the le model... so i am stuck with the dash for now, but what i am asking, is if it is worth it to cut holes and put in 6.5's or should i stick with a nice set of 5.25's up in the dash until i have enough money for a 3 way?