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12-06-2004, 11:44 PM
hey guys,
so for a winter vehicle I got this 04 Ion Quad Coupe
Some salesman told me it needs the relocate kit, I knew that Chev had that in 04 but I didn't think all of GM did that.
What's your guys knowledge?
Also, where can I get the wiring kit for this install, cuz Future Shop wants to charge $100 (canadian, hehe) to do it...

12-06-2004, 11:47 PM
The wiring kit is very expensive.
I think $50-60 american.
Its stupid because the chime is in the speaker

12-07-2004, 10:50 AM
gm has had that in many other cars for awhile. I ck 00-03 ion and they dont have the relocation application. so if it is in the 04 it is new. i will ck and let you no. The relocation is not only for the chime it is also for the air bags.

12-08-2004, 12:01 AM
Hey guys,
I actually found out that mine, although it's an 04 does not have the relocation.
Some of them must be, but I'm almost confident mine isn't, it doesn't have the door chime, and the deck is a single remoable piece, anywho I found a wiring harness adapter and will give it a shot, then let ya know...