View Full Version : N00blet is a GREAT SELLER!

11-29-2004, 03:04 PM
well, after debating with myself to order somthing from overseas (italy i might add) and not getting a tracking number. my tempest was shipped via military service to the US.

i was expecting the tempest to go on boat and get here within 3 weeks of shipping, however it got here today and it only took about 7 buisness days!

no damage unless otherwise told (there is a small scuff that he showed me pictures of, maybe about 1\8th inch by 1\4th inch long RIGHT on the edge of the cone. barely noticeable and he did show me pictures and clearly state its flaws)

he is a great guy to do buisness with, and i would gladly vouche for him anytime.

:thumbupw: :thumbupw: :thumbupw: :thumbupw: :thumbupw: :thumbupw: :thumbupw:

i sent him the money via paypal, and everything was a smooth transaction. and he had great communication with me as well.

great asset to caraudio.com

i will have pictures shortly.

//edit for pictures

*fyi* the surround on the speaker was also removed. but i am in the process of finding a replacement now (this was mentioned before sale)


11-30-2004, 12:17 PM
Thanks a lot for the feedback, hope you enjoy :D :D