View Full Version : Is Anyone Really Knowledgable About Bandpass Enclosures????

11-23-2004, 11:01 PM
Hey guys...

I have a pair of JL Audio 8 Inch W6-D4's. These two drivers require 200 WRMS EACH and have DUAL voice coils.

Pt (Continuous thermal power handling): 200 WRMS
Re (DC resistance): 10.6 OHM (in series)
Znom (nominal impedance): 6 Ohm
Voice coils: 2

I also own a 1984 BMW 318i, E30. Which has a firewall behind the rear seat aswell as a steel parcell shelf with two small circular cut-outs made for the factory speakers.

I want to put in a first order DUAL band pass, single reflex enclosure in the boot bolted to the back of the rear fire wall with the two ports on either side coming up through the factory cut-outs for the factory speakers.

The local car audio installation place took the measurements of my car and details of the drivers and provided me with the plans to build my own enclosure.

All was well up to the point where they gave me the plans.

The plans are drawn up from an ex employee now and they are made to suit W3's! (Same driver identically except 125 WRMS as opposed to 200 WRMS for the mine the W6's.)

They told me that the box would work the same and be just as efficient and as LOUD if not louder as it would be with the W3's. The box did not need to change.

In good faith I beleived them.

Later on, in researching the JL Audio web site I came across some information that told me that W6's could not go intp a bandpasss enclosure designed for W3's as they both have different power handling resulting in a differentiation between cone velocities, obviously the W6 travelling at a higher speed.

Can someone PLEASE help me, is it going to make a differeence???

I live in Australia and mailed JL in America (tech support), neverr got a reply.

Please help someone Im going NUTS!!!

ta. dylan.