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11-17-2004, 10:05 PM
Hey, i just an idea that many people have been using. Apparently what people do is that if they have a hatch back or sedan they jusy use the cover (the cheap plastice or plywood cover in the trunk to conceal the spare tire) and replace it with MDF (exact cut-out of the cover) and use that single sheet to hold the subwoofer or woofers. I just want to know if this idea is any good and helps improve the SQ of the sub's. Basically, it's like using your own trunk as an enclosure. Also, i would like to know if it sounds better with 1 12"sub, 2 12" subs, or 3 12" subs.

11-17-2004, 10:10 PM
It's called an infinite baffle setup, where the subs have no enclosure at all. The space between the front of the subs and the rear needs to be sealed, so the back wave of the speaker doesn't interfere with the sound from the front, and the area behind the subs should be big enough or have vents so that it doesn't act as an enclosure. It is supposedly good for SQ, I've heard it sounds like a sealed enclosure with more low end, but I've never heard an IB setup before.

It wouldn't matter how many subs were used, but the subs need to be suitable for IB use.

11-20-2004, 11:49 AM
spare tire installs aren't generally IB...
My old '99 grandam had a tire well that was about 4ish cubes... I'd considered glassing it out and dropping a 15" into it but wouldnt workout overall.
Most tirewells that i've seen, had, doneanything to were not big enough to be considered IB... unless you're running a 6.5" or 8" maybe.
You can use the tire well, just be sure to glass, or seal the body tub, get a good seal between the baffle & body, and measure the airspace. You can port it, run it sealed, or if you have a small enough woofer run IB.