View Full Version : PIONEER ph4600

11-12-2004, 05:08 PM
**I havent rated my lanzar equipment, the subs etc.. but I havent put my two cents in about my Pioneer 4600:

Simply .... AWSOME ! Nothing fancy , great f***ing equalizer, classic SLA , Bass , mids , highs etc.. you get with ole Pioneer .. and sound quality is superb.

FIE is just a nice addition to the unit. Little did I know, Ive been running my subs as 8ohm LOL LOL ... thinkin the DVC were 2ohm and it was sounding aight... I wondered why it wasnt so loud LOL.... went to 4 ohms... and **** rear view fell off shortly after.

All in all, Pioneer decks are choice in my opinion fo rreliability, loyalty :) quality ! and not to expensive.