View Full Version : Does this sound right?

11-08-2004, 01:57 PM
The paperwork that came with my sub, said for a good balance between loud and daily, is to go with a 4 cu/ft box with a 6" x 15" long port (round). They estimates it tunes right around 28Hz.

Now if I make another piece of PVC, and the legnth is about 3", will it tune to 55Hz? Ive always went off DDs idea of tuning: 15 sq/in per every cu/ft of airspace. A 6" round port will only be about 28 sq/in. In their paperwork, they also list an all out SPL box, that is 5.5 cu/ft with 3 - 6" x 10" long ports, that tunes to 60Hz. Now their port area triples.

Would it be wiser to make 3 ports and plug 2 for daily or go with my initial idea of making 2, with one being shorter for SPL?