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11-07-2004, 04:57 PM
ok so i got a pioneer gex-fm903xm tuner and a pioneer deh-9400 and i cant get the pioneer 9400 to switch into the xm source. the manual said that i just press source a bunch of times to switch between compact disk tuner tv tuner xm ect...... but all i can controll are compact disck tuner and AUX it then said that it may not switch due to it not recognising that something is connected. i beleive that i have hooked everything up right. i know the HU is hooked up right i just may not have the xm hooked up right. so here is how i have it

i have the red and yellow wires on the xm spliced into the red and yellow wires on my wiring harness for my HU i have the black ground hooked up in the back to the cars frame. then i have the the antenna which is a dual prong the green wire on the antenna is hooked up to the green location on the tuner and the yellow connected to the yellow. then i have ip bus going from the out on the tuner and then its connected to the back of the HU. is there anything i am missing? is something hooked up wrong.

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