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11-05-2004, 03:10 PM
Ive got two 6x9 250 watters in my backpanel. rewired and amped all that good stuff. Im nearing the point where i am almost ready to install my strongbox in the trunk and add dampener and all my other experimental stuff.

BUT! someone, in my long journey to a place called "some-knowlege", mentioned isolating any speakers that are mounted back there, that are on spacers (which mine are) that are vented to the trunk space. (so that the rear portion of the speakers arent in a "sealed" enclosure.)

Well they arent, their open air to the trunk. And the extreme levels of SP that will be coming from there will (so the someone said) interfere with the small amount of bass trying to fire into the cabin from the rear. So he said isolate em.

How to. . . . . . . . Im guessing a pair of FRP pods. To seal them? or Port them back to the cabin through the backboard? I can do that by extending the reach of the pod under the backboard, and porting it up with a little PVC and nicely finishing it off on the cabin side by using a 3" speaker grille or something like that. If i need alot of port space so that its real close to the equivalent of open air, then a 4" grille and square tubing for pipe no problem.

Question is, good idea? Sealed pods or ported? Should i seal up my backboard? I got this goop that works great to line walls or seal holes and cracks. If my cabin should be isolated from the trunk, then i know what to do. But im unsure about how thats done.

Isolated/sealed or not? Ported pods or sealed? Suggestions?

Thanks guys.

11-05-2004, 05:05 PM
not sure what u mean mate, especially when you say trunk i assume this means the boot and does the back panel mean parcel shelf? i will keep on eye on this post as i think i have got something similar to you.

11-09-2004, 01:24 PM
Sorry it took me so long to respond.

I mean the back board under the glass that the speakers are set in.

Right now they are UNDER that board, in the trunk, screwed to 2" spacers.
I want to eliminate the spacers, and drop the speakers down into the hole, from the top (cabin side) and mount a wet-seal on the Trunk side, inbetween some fiberglass pods. That would seal them against the trunks volume yea?

11-09-2004, 01:30 PM
so you want to seal your cab from your boot (trunk)? and you wanna isolate your 6x9's in an enclosure (fiberglass?) and then what?

i suppose putting your speakers in pods will increase their low-end extension (i think somone said that) but i dont believe for one second that you are giving them 250w. maybe 50 or 100 watts.

but thats beside the point.

so you are asking if your rear speakers should be in boxes(isolate from the rest of the car\boot). and you are asking if your parcel shelf (where the speakers sit) should also be sealed.

i would leave the shelf alone, and maybe seal the speakers. try and get some other oppinions... but from what ive read, rear fill < front fill. so if anything, turn your rear fill down... and turn the front fill up... and leave it how it is.

i dont really think this is that big of an issue though.

11-12-2004, 01:37 PM
Thanks. I didnt think i needed to seal my boot really. My intention was solely for the speakers. Yea i want the front fill to be a stronger presence. But i dont want any damage to my 6x9s from all the moving air in the trunk. I believe they are 250 watt MAX. and no i wouldnt put more than 50 watts to them i dont think.

Im going to be using nice Focals for the front. Im just waiting for this last thing, so i can get all my fiberglassing done at once. I do FRP at work and i can make an injection mold for whatever i need.


A) Port the interior of the pod back through the boot?

or B) just seal the back end of the speaker from the trunk?

I dont recall anyone porting their speaker pods. But if its doable, ill try it. At the very least, even if the porting doesnt sound good and i switch pods, itll look like i have 4 speaker grills in my rear. =P Or i could put some 4"ers back there so theyre not fake grills.

Appreciate the feedback!