View Full Version : frequency response charts - need expert opinions!

11-03-2004, 03:05 PM
I just bought a pair of 5 3/4 component speakers for my front. I won't tell you what brand these are, yet. I'm just going to give you the response charts on the box. I paid $32 for the set. They're not as bassy as the Sony's I have in there, but these are a lot "brighter" treble-wise.

frequency resonse - Midrange 5.75

frequency resonse - 3.75 bullet tweeter

Should I go get my money back, or keep these suckers?

11-04-2004, 12:35 AM
I never said they didn't sound good. I just can't really compare them to anything, I mean, the sound decent to my ears, but I've never heard a component system before, they could very easily be sh*t. However, since they *were* only $32, I thought I'd try them.

They're supposed to roll off like that. They're midrange, they actually have passive crossovers to filter out frequencies lower than that.
The tweeters are really nice, but again, all I have to compare them to are my Power Acoustik tweeters, which I probably have blown since I never had them crossover-ed, and some Roadmaster horns, which were about what you'd expect from Roadmaster horns.

And as usual, if I try to truly crank my system, I'll **** the neighbors off.

For reference, they're Pyramids. Yep. Pyramid. Gold series, ooooh. Sealed backs, crossovers, mounting hardware, and everything. They're heavy suckers, too. The magnets alone make my Sony's look bad. The tweeters make every other tweeter I have look like a joke. Proof that cosmetics sell a product.

Hell. I should probably just get my money back and buy the MDF to re-build the box for my 15"s. I tried porting them. Didn't work. I tried fixing them. That didn't work either, but once again, they look great.

I don't get it, JMac, I put so much effort into this, and just about all the money I can reasonably apply, and yet I still never get the results or dumb luck anyone else has. My biggest competition is a kid with Pyramid 10s in a **** cheap bandpass box and a 600 watt Pyramid amp! *sigh*