View Full Version : eclipse 8454, jl 300-4, mbquart ....

10-29-2004, 12:47 AM
Ok.. first time poster.... pretty much of an car audio noob.. and having problems.
Not sure if this is the right spot to post this... however much of my problems are with the head unit.. so guessing im in the right spot.

Got an eclipse 8454, JL audio 300-4 and mb quart pce 216 in front and mb quart (forget the model #) discuss 6.5 coaxial in the rear, no sub yet.

Running the amp in 4 channel mode, input on both channels is set to HI.
The cross overs on the amp are switched to OFF (called JL audio.. and was their recommendation until I get the subs and sub amp installed).

Ive got a test disk on the way from autosound2000 its the cd 104, have a volt meter etc and am ready to tune the amp. Have read a few articles on tuning amps etc and am going to give it a shot.

My questions... whats with all the cross overs??? and what do i set them to? I got cross overs mounted in the doors for the front.. got cross over switches on the amp, got cross over settings (rather detailed ones) in the head unit.
Have also tried to read through some of the articles on cross overs.. and its just not sinking in to my little brain. :banghead:

According to JL .. shut off the cross overs on the amp.. ok..so do I set the cross over settings in the head unit? and if so .. whats recommended here?
Should I bother doing any of this without the sub yet.. or is tuning this up NOW just pointless until i get subs ?

Im not trying to get bass out of my front and rear spearks.. i just want it to be nice and loud. I realize the front and back alone arent going to make this thing totally scream.. however id like to hear it nice and crisp with both the front windows down.

Any thoughts.. instructions... links to sites with good reading would be greatly appreciated.