View Full Version : slot vent box help

10-26-2004, 06:48 PM
My g/f is buying a set of ma audio ma1550w 15's


Optimum Vented Box: 3.25 Cu/Ft per sub,,,,so 6.5 cu/ft total?
Square Port Area: 37 Sq/In
Port Length: 12.5”
she is aiming for a setup of sq/spl to be 70/30. so i suggested the box be tuned to 35 htz but on their website it shows the tuning to be 42 with given info on port.
I already have the height and length determined to avoid fitment issues which are 36L x 15.5 H x _ D(fill in the blank)these are the external dimensions!

The internal dimensions are 34.5L x 14H x _ D the way i figure it, it should be 23.25" but this is not taking in account for the port displacement

Im guessing the port will be 14"tall but what's the length and depth need to be?

I need to have some numbers plugged in so that i can build the thing

10-27-2004, 01:06 PM
She isnt just any girl, she loves stereo systems. she already had a 5 cu. ft. box before in her car for two pioneer 15's but she wanted to get out of car stereos, but now she wants back in. she chose everything on her own. so now all i can do is build the box around her subs and hope for the best.

any help is appreciated