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10-16-2004, 09:32 PM
Jeremy aka Mr Loki is a MAD XCELLENT guy.... i traded him some amps for a DD 9515... jeremy u were rite it wangs hardcore.... honestly havin not done 2many online deals prior 2this i was a little skeptical of doin the deal... but he assured me that he was HONEST and TRU to his word.... after dealin with him he has proven that he is indeed all that and more... USPS screwed up the delivery, and the sub took a little longer then xpected 2get here... but my boy jeremy was on top of it everyday... emailin me, talkin on AIM and MSN ASAP, makin sure everythin was ok.... MAD Customer Service... would no doubt do business again with this guy and he has me as a ref ne time... simply put MR. Loki = AWESOMENESS... thanx again man