View Full Version : Alpine cda-9831

10-13-2004, 03:26 PM
bought it for 290 off ikesound.com

very nice headunit. nice eq settings although after playin with the 9835 i wouldnt mid ownin that one ;). looks like good build quality for the most part, but then again this is all from the outside as in buttons and screens and how they are built. you cant really see inside the unit to see how its built so that i wont talk about. hpf and lpf filter can get set to 80 120 160hz. i wish there were more options but if you want that just set the filters on your amps instead. scrolling text is nice too. one con with it is that it takes a while for it to read cd's. maybe 7-10 seconds i think. my friends alpine reads it in like 3 so it could just be my unit and not all alpine.

final opinon, for 290 bucks, its an awesome unit. dont be afraid to purchase this unit. ill guarantee you, you will love it, and the compliments it gets from other people. although it probably has a high theft rate...