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10-12-2004, 10:26 AM
hey guys
i got some rook questions, i already tried searching, but it was hard to come by info, although i'm sure its somewhere on the forum
anyways, i want to build a sealed box for a brahma adire 15. what type of wood is recommended to make this (if the answer is mdf, what is mdf)?? what type of adhesive?

also, when i screw wood pieces together, what distance should i leave in between each screw? ok, i'm quite sure i should predrill the holes, do i predrill on both boards, or just the board that is behind (meaning, not the board that the screw is directly going into)....if both boards, what methods used for proper lining up?

do you guys think i'm going to need any reinforcements, such as putting double layer of wood on a side or using a triangle method (i know i read something along those lines somewhere on the forum), in that box (running sub off of 1000 amps)?

ok, last, this is a wierd question, i want to make the sub face the rear, and i want it to look like there is a big wall and a sub in the middle. i know the box won't be this big, should i build the box seperate and then add side pieces of wood, or should i build the long panel as one? o, this goes for the bottom too, because i'm going to put a layer of wood on bottom.

i know, its a lot of questions, but if anyone has any advice or answers they can throw my way, i would really appreciate it!!!!

10-12-2004, 10:40 AM
o, also, those of you familiar with adire brahma, on the website you might notice that they have a specific enclosure made for the sub, by subzero, this enclosure has a layer in the middle (about halfway through, depthwise) probably to help the sub fit in perfectly, is this necessary?

10-12-2004, 10:53 AM
Yes, MDF is most commonly used for building boxes. Most people use either 3/4" or 1" mdf. You can pick up sheet of it at home depot for $20-24.

Alot of ppl have diff opinions on distance between screws. A screw every 3 -5 inches should be sufficient.
Yes, predrill every hole. Go to lowes, home depot, sears, and get a #6 countersinking bit so you can make all of your screws flush with the box. As for lining the pieces of wood up, use liquid nails to join every board and find a way to hold it together, such as a clamp. This will keep the board from sliding around while you are trying to predrill. Assemble the box on a table or a ledge of some sort, so you have access to the spot you would like to predrill.

Braces are always a good idea. But remember, when you add braces, they are taking up space. You must account for this space in order to achieve the right box volume when you are done.

Personally I would build the box first, then I would attach the side boards with L brackets. That way if you dont have a use for the sides anymore, you can always take them off.

10-12-2004, 11:02 AM
the middle layer is for supporting the subwoofer, its a heavy mofo.

as for MDF its called Micro Density Fiberboard - or somthing like that. they use it on lots of cabinets. just go to the hardware store and asck for the THICKEST MDF they sell. and they will take you to it.

yes, predrill BOTH boards. this way you wont crack the board when you screw it together.

adhesive? anything that is sticky really. i used hotglue because thats what i had available. and it works fine. you can eaither use that, or liquid nails( a forum-favorite) or somthing like bathroom silicone sealer... anything thats similar to these works fine. fiberglass resin (and a layer of fiberglass for that matter) will seal the box and make it stronger, but thats more $$ to spend. duct tape works too...or so ive been told.

lining up? measure it with a ruler, a tape measrure, hell - use a string thats cut to the exact length - whatever floats your boat.

make sure you cut STRAIGHT and PERPENDICULAR cuts. we dont like jig-saw edges that look like this / . i like to use a CIRCULAR saw or a TABLE SAW for my cuts. its faster, and straight.

1 1\2" coarse thread drywall screws typically work very well. as for the spacing, do .2" or whatever. depends on how strong you want it to be.

i would suggest making the entire box 1" thick at least. 1000W and a brahma 15 is gonna have some pressure behind it.

the magnet is quite heavy, so some kind of internal brace holding the rear of the speaker inside the enclosure up will help insure the basket does not break, or the screws that hold the sub in place wont torque down or somthing. will releave some box-stress for sure. extra bracing (triangle thing) is always good no matter what.

the front wall is always good to have an extra layer of MDF. but its not nessicary if you got it a solid 1" thick.

are you planning on porting the box? and you said "1000 amps" - i think you meant "1000 WATTS"

what amp do you have, and what is the main purpose of the brahma? pure loudness? or do you want it to sound perfect?

im sure there are other questions. and im sure they have very simple awnsers. ask away.

10-12-2004, 12:28 PM
thanks for the info so far, i feel a lot more comfortable when i got experienced people tellng me what to do

reg - haha, yea, i meant 1000watts (too early for me!), its going to be a usamp 1000x, and i'm looking for sound quality (if i'm not mistaken, this sub should give sufficient spl either way), and planning to do a sealed enclosure.

you recommended using a circular saw and table saw....i have no clue what a circular saw is. and as for table, electronic or no?? i would think its quite hard to cut straight with a handsaw, but i'm not sure, i have never worked with mdf wood before.

10-12-2004, 12:46 PM
Req most of that was garbage. Sorry it just was.

3/4" MDF, Wood glue (No Hotglue) wood glue will give you a bond tighter than the screws. Screws every 5 inches is ok. Silicone along the inside of the box on every edge to insure a sealed enclosure. Predrill holes so the wood does not split. Countersink the holes so the screws are flush with the box. Clamps to hold it together while predrilling, glueing.

Its pretty easy.

10-12-2004, 02:30 PM
I thought req's post was very informative and had lots of detail, unlike your garbage post.
Everything in your post, was already said. Good job. You've contributed absolutely nothing, again, and acted like an a**hole, again.
Im not suprised.
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10-12-2004, 02:55 PM
not to be the obvious one....but how about this last post of yours? was it helpfull at all? in the future please keep such comments to yourself as all it does it start arguments and cause threeds to go off topic.

10-12-2004, 04:00 PM
honestly, i don't think ANY post is garbage....like i said, i'm a total rook at this stuff, so any tried and true methods you guys have is good for me to hear....even if they differ from each other, at least it makes me aware of what options i have. please, just don't give me bad info, or don't say something is good if you only THINK its good, and aren't SURE, i just don't wanna put time into something and think i know what i'm doing but end up getting screwed :(