View Full Version : Audiobahn Flame Q AW1006T

10-10-2004, 02:33 PM
So here's my story. About a year ago I went and got myself two 10" Alpine Type-Rs and a Rockford P3001 (sending out 150W to each of my subs at 2 ohms) for my 87 Camaro. I put them each in a seperate 1 cu. ft. chamber, sealed. My headunit is a Alpine CDA-9831 (which I love). Anyways, my Type-Rs were alright, had really good SQ, but then I decided I wanted something that would really pound and shake my car, so I started hunting. One thing that I thought fit my taste and budget was the Audiobahn AW1006T. The spec that really stood out was the 95 dB sensitivity. I know that's not the only factor, but I figured it was nice.

That's what brought me to this forum; I wanted to know what everyone thought about these subs. And all I heard was "Audiobahn *****!" so I had some second thoughts. But, for whatever reason, I decided to go with two of the Audiobahn's anyways. (80 dollars + shipping a piece).

I got my subs, and was excited to get these bad boys in. They were really nice looking, chromed and all, not that it really mattered a lot. So I screwed them in, hooked up my capacitor and all that good stuff (capacitor didn't help much...I wouldn't really recommend them, but that's another subject). I hooked up my amp, a Boss PD-4000. It says it's rated at 900W x 2 @ 2 ohms, which matched my subs perfectly (they are 900W RMS). I know Boss is suppose to be way overrated and would never push that much, which they probably don't, but I heard that Audiobahn's are overrated too, so I seemed like a match :)

The box I had the subs in is a ported box, two chambers 1.5 cu. ft. each. The port is a 3" dia. round port, 7.5 inch long. So I get everything hooked up and ready to go (after many, many problems that were just because of my imcompitence, and no fault of the subs or amp. But luckily, the members of this forum are great and helpful and I can't say enough about you guys!).

So the moment of truth, and turn them on. And all I have to say is, holy fricken crap, they pound. They way out pound my old Type-Rs. Don't get me wrong, the Type-Rs had amazing SQ, but the Audiobahn's have heart stopping SPL.

So, in conclusion, if you're like me and you can only fit 10's in your car, I'd think about some AW1006T's. They are definatly not for your average sound quality listener, but if you want your vision to blur and your heart to stop, I like these. They get mighty freakin' loud, and really don't sound as bad as everyone says. Well, that's all, thanks for listening!