View Full Version : Houston USACi/DbDrag weekend

10-08-2004, 05:54 PM
Anyone else going...? Only DbDrag show near Houston all year...


There will be a usaci triple point event also a 3X dbdrag event in baytown texas on 10/9,10/2004. Show starts at 12 noon address to the location is 2525 fm 565 south in baytown texas zip 77520. contact # is (404)366-4700 ext. 242. hope to see ya there.

USAC and Db Drags will both conduct triple bonus points events at every NOPI NATIONALS Series 2004 event. USAC touring sound analysts measure sound quality, system installation and wiring ingenuity. Sound pressure levels are also recorded for the USAC SPL competitors. Here, you can see amazing things from sound pressure blowing out windows, bursting balloons and literal hair raising blasts of mega sound. The DB Drags are unique in their qualifying and elimination program that spans both days of the events.

Saturday classes are qualified by wattage and woofers, and an elimination ladder is set for Sundays finale. In eliminations, the competitors are paired up for side-by-side while dual SPL recorders display the SPL levels by both competitors with the winner moving on to the next round until a winner in each class is determined.

Hope To See Ya There.

Moe Lester
10-08-2004, 06:28 PM
Im there :D

oh wait... you already knew that