View Full Version : Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200.1

10-07-2004, 01:45 AM
I just got my amp this morning, YaY I love the fed ex guy. He's always got somthing exciting for me.

When I opened the box I found the amp to be longer than my Brutus bx1500.
Its dead **** brushed aluminum with black rubber end and wire covers. Much better looking than what I had expected. The blue diode is not anything spectacular, lol its just that, a little blue diode. They could have made somthing glow inside the amp so it would glow through the holes in the mesh maybe?
For looks I would give this amp a 9 out of 10 in *** appeal.

Birth Sheet, says [email protected], and I have heard even with the x.e Load that you can get more power at lower impedances. XE Load is the same amount of power that the Xenon line gives you at 1-4ohms. I ran it for over an hour at 2ohms, the fans inside do a good job keeping the amp cool, it got alittle warm after playing it hard. The fans dont make much noise at all, no fan whine.

The ease of install is easy if you pay attention and make sure to put the wires through the grommets before you connect them. It makes for a clean looking install, no unsightly terminals or anything its all hidden. The terminals are allen screws that hold the wire in place, nice. It also comes with a second set of power and ground terminals that are bridged, so you could have the power wires etc on the other side, or use both instead of trimming the 0gauge to fit, you could split it off to 2x4gauge and connect them both. Just an option even though its alot of work lol.

After hooking it up and setting it, I found the Subsonic filter and low pass filter REALLY easy to set, you just find where you want it to be at, and it tell you how many clicks you need to go to, its simple, and precise. It sounds good, alittle better than my brutus, which is of course all subjective, but the overall output seems to be the same. I miss having the remote bass knob however. kinda nice to be able to boost it alittle when its lacking. The Hifonics remote bass knob doesnt work with the PG, I tried but to no avail, I suppose another 20 bux isnt horrible

The price of the amp wasnt too bad, 435 from Indoaudio on ebay, plus shipping which was like 25 or so. Ordered on monday and recieve on tueday evening, not bad.

Overall I am thinking I am going to like this amp, having 1200 watts on tap 1-4ohms is what made me go with this amp, I like being able to change subs around and have a decent amount of power there.

I'll post about this amp when I get a chance to play with it some more....till then :clap:

11-26-2004, 12:25 PM
Just a little update, my amp has since died, less than a month. The amp turns on fine, just no power comming from the amp. I have directly swapped out amps with my friends to see if it was my wiring, but they all work fine. I will be sending it in, then selling it. :omg: