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09-24-2004, 01:14 PM
`pr0digy bought an Avionixx 1200.2 amplifier from me last week. After some negociating we agreed to trade my amp for 135 dollars and 74 dollars worth of store credit from Barnes and Noble. My original price was 210 shipped and we believed that this was a far trade.

I sent the amp last monday (9/20) and it just arrived to him yesterday (9/23) while he sent my card last week (9/17) and it arrived this morning (9/24). Since USPS send letters in about 7 days, I believe he probably sent it the exact same day we agreed on the sale. The whole Transaction went by perfectly.

He sent his cash payment immediately through paypal after the transaction was completed and mailed the store credit the exact same day. The card has exact same amount as he stated to me in a PM (to the exact cent :)).

Also he trusted me when I could only give him explanations about the condition of the amp since I didn't have any pictures. There is really nothing wrong with this guy at all and I would love to do business with him again.

I will gladly be a reference source to anybody looking to do business with this guy. There isn't too many honest and nice people in this world, and I'm lucky that I had the ability to business with one of them. :)

Great Buyer :thumbupw:
Great Seller :thumbupw:
Great Communication :thumbupw:
A++ :thumbupw:


09-24-2004, 03:27 PM
Thanks for the kind words! :) Nice doing business with ya :)