View Full Version : Alpine 9835 FM Tuner Reception

09-22-2004, 02:37 AM
I just got a new system installed today. Alpine 9835 head unit (HU). MB Quart Reference 5.25" Components, JL Audio 4300 4 Channel Amp, and JL Audio 10" sub. It sounds great. The head unit is ridiculous! I love it. One weird problem...the FM reception (do not get any stations on AM signal). I live in Los Angeles, and have previously owned low-end Sony HU's and never had any problem tuning my favorite stations (everything alweays came in clear, no intereference). This unit is different: when set to auto DX tuning, it only tunes 4 stations, the rest have to be done manually (and even when tuned manually I get continual hits of of intereference)...weird, huh. In local mode, it doesn't tune any stations automatically. Every station I listen to must be tuned manually (which I never I had to do before with my $100 Sony CD HU's). I had it professioanlly installed at my local Al & Ed's. I am going in tomorrow to let them know the problem tomorrow but I want to be armed with a little bit of knowledge. First, is it possible that the HU's antenna is faulty? or possibley something else in the HU that could be damaged that is causing poor reception? or is it perhaps an installation problem in that perhaps the antenna is rubbing against something that is causing interference? or that the antenna is not properly installed? Any other ideas that could be causing this problem? Last point: the HU has a setting that has "Stable, Normal, and Hi-Fi." The manual says that if you are not getting desired reception at Hi-Fi (best quality setting) try "normal" and "stable." I have tried all settings to no avail. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.